CAV 2005: Registration and booking of accommodation

Alert: accommodation in Edinburgh is now very scarce because of the G8 summit demonstrations. Please bear with us as we attempt to find accommodation for you, but we may very likely have to give you accommodation that is well outside your specifications, and which is located further out from town.

A two step process

You can register and also book your accommodation through us, using the following link:

Click here to go to registration and accommodation booking.

But before you do that, please read the following instructions.

Registration is a two step process.

IMPORTANT: The early registration deadline is June 8th, but to secure accommodation before these are booked up, you should register and book accommodation as early as possible.

Step 1

In Step 1, you will fill out a form in which you will specify: You then click the submit button and submit this form.
You will then receive an email confirmation. You will then be asked to go to Step 2, where you will pay via credit card for your registration fees as well as charges for extra items such as extra proceedings and extra banquet tickets. Your registration is not confirmed until you have made payment.

In a separate email, you will also then be told what accommodation has been provisionally booked for you, and you will be asked to contact that accommodation directly in order to confirm your booking by giving them your credit card information.


We have block booked accommodation at special rates at a number of different hotels, inns, and dormitories which are all close to the conference venue, Appleton Tower (all within ~15 minutes walk). When you ask for accommodation, you will be picking one of the three budget categories mentioned above. If you need to, you can also specify additional requirement in the "special requirements" box, such as the fact that you are a student and want inexpensive shared dormitory accommodation if available, or the fact that you want a double room for 2 people, etc. Our goal is to place you in accommodation that best matches your budget and specifications. However, we can not guarantee that your exact choice will be available for you. If possible, we ask you to be flexible and please only specify your budget category and let us find something appropriate within that category. For your benefit, we now list some of the places where we have block booked accommodations, together with APPROXIMATE price ranges for these place. We can not guarantee these prices, nor can we guarantee that you will get the precise accommodation you ask for if you ask for a specific place. However, this will give you some sense of the kinds of accommodation available, and will also allow you to ask to stay in a given place if you absolutely need to. Here is a list of some of the accommodation:

Step 2

In Step 2, as mentioned earlier, you will be paying (by credit card) for your registration fees, plus for extra items such as extra proceedings or extra banquet tickets. (You will not be paying for accommodation in this step.)

You will be doing this via the U. of Edinburgh online payment system and forms.

This will require you to do the following:

That is all.

Now, to go on to register and booking of accomodation, please click the following link:
Click here to go to registration and accommodation booking.